Sweet and Spicy Peanut chicken wings


16 pieces chicken wings


1Tspn sea salt

1Tbspn Soy sauce

2Tbspns cherry cooking wine

3 cloves Garlic (Minced)

2Tbspns groundnut oil


1Tspn chilli flakes

2Tbspns peanut butter

2Tbspns chilli garlic sauce** (optional)

2Tbspns honey


  • Combine all of part A, refrigerate overnight
  • Set the marinated chicken on an oiled oven tray, set in the oven on 350, bake the marinated chicken for 20mins
  • Combine all of part B in a large bowl, Add in the precooked wings. Coat generously
  • Return the chicken back to the tray (add on any left over sauce from the bowl) .Set the chicken back in the oven, bake on 450F for another 12-15mins.


**Chilli Garlic Sauce Is a combination of Chilli and Garlic as the name suggest, it can be bought in the Asian food section of major grocery stores

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