• 4 red bell peppers (tatashe) *
  • 2 scotch Bonnet pepper ( ata rodo)
  • 6 large tomatoes
  • 1 medium size onion

* Remove the seeds from the peppers if you prefer to*


  • Chop all ingredients listed  above and combine them in a blender.
  • Puree to a fine paste ( you might need to add some water to help make blending easier)
  • Pour the mixture into a sieve and let set aside for 10-20 minutes (this process separates out the excess water and reduce cooking time) Pour the sieved mixture into a large pot, boil on medium heat until the mixture is well reduced (excess water removed) 10~20 minutes

Your sauce is ready. Use mixture  in your favorite stews and sauce .

PS: To significantly save on cooking time, package the pepper mixture into ziploc bags (based on how much stew or sauce you make at once), freeze them (they will keep for up to 4 months), defrost and use as needed.

**Note: If you will like a brighter red color in your stew,  add in a medium can (1 cup) of tomato paste  and some Paprika***

Recipe : Nigerian Stew

Here is a Recipe for No-Boil stew base.

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