How to properly cook Ogbono SOUP

Picture( fresh Ogbono seeds)

I have had lots of questions about ogbono not “drowing” (I have no idea if that is even a word) anyway, there are two major reasons for this consistency problem.

Problem #1 : The ogbono  is not fresh


  • Check the production date when you buy pre-packaged ogbono, make sure it’s not more than 12 weeks old
  • Buy ogbono seed instead of pre-milled Ogbono and mill it yourself
  • Keep pre-milled ogbono in an air tight container in  the freezer to guarantee freshness

Problem #2 : Cooking method (mostly a factor of water)

Solution: change your cooking method, there are 3 ways to properly prepare ogbono

1) Start with palm oil in a pot, add in the dried ogbono. mix the ogbono in the oil until it is well incorporate, now work in warm water while you continuously stir . This method allows you to  incorporate water into the ognono until you achieve desired consistency . you can always add more water if the soup is too thick. If the soup is too thin, add in more dried ogbono mix.

2) Start with water or beef stock : Never more than 1 cup of liquid at a time, once the water starts to boil. Add your dried ogbono to a bowl and mix that with a couple of teaspoons of water,  mix until you have the consistency of custard (thick), add the mixture into the boiling water, stir continuously until the ogbono is well Incorporated. Add more water as desired.

3) Dried Ogono + water: for every half cup ogbono, add one cup of water. stir until the ogbono is perfectly combined with the water. Set the mixture on low heat, stir until it thickens.

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Ogbono-apon Recipe

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