Nigerian Weightloss Success Story – Daniella’s Journey

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Daniella has lost over 20kg (44 lbs) since joining Lose It Nigerian

God! Can I tell you people how proud I am of the thousands of women (ok ok and men) on the Lose It Nigerian plan? people are doing such incredible things and it makes me so so happy.

Remember the weightloss challenge we had in honor of my birthday? the LIN6toFit challenge? well I am proud to announce the challenge was won by this super hot mama right here! she took home the grand prize of 60,000 Naira , which she very well deserved.

I had a little chat with Daniella about her LIN journey, read and be inspired!!

When did you start on the LIN program

I started LIN on the 30th of March, I’ll never forget that date. I think I got the book before then but joined the support group on the 30th, fortunately I was right on time for LIN21 challenge which started a week or so later.

Why did you choose LIN

I chose LIN because it advertised losing weight on a Nigerian diet, I wanted something with ingredients I can find in my backyard, with meals I’m familiar with. Most importantly I chose LIN because it didn’t make unrealistic promises,  it just encouraged a healthy lifestyle with the kind of meals I am used to.

What is your favorite thing about LIN

My Favorite thing about LIN🤔🤔 this is a hard one; I love everything about LIN. I love the way it’s creeped into my life without me even noticing I’m on a diet.  The support group is amazing, don’t get me started on the meals; really yummy. The challenges (Ronke’s way of monitoring us from time to time) are awesome. I guess I’ll say my favourite thing about LIN is how effortlessly it has given me my confidence back.

How many LIN Challenges have you done and what has been your experience

We’ve done 5 challenges I did all except LIN QUICKFIRE. I always learn somethings new during and after every challenge.
LIN21 : it was quite mild for someone like me who was transitioning from fatfam but I lost almost 5kg (10lbs) after that challenge. LIN21 ushered me into a new era of eating right.
LIN RESET : Ronke was tough on us with this one but scaling through it taught me how to lose more belly fat. I finally understood the roles carbohydrate and proteins play in weight loss
LIN BELLYBLAST : was off the chain.  I ate raw veggies I never thought I’ll eat in my lifetime and for a week I sort of felt like a partial vegetarian who ate chicken.
LIN Bellyblast : I loved Bellyblast, it was the tough love my tummy needed, the push it needed to finally succumb
LIN6TOFIT : Goodness!!! this is the Queen of all challenges, the motivation was off the chain. With this one Ronke devised new methods to inspire us and keep us going by creating a buddy system. It would have been easy for anyone to fall off the wagon but we were armed with motivation, a goal (Ronke’s special giveaway) and someone to walk with with. In summary LIN6TOFIT taught me to always stay motivated, keep in mind the end result (for God knows the beginning sometimes makes you want to quit) and finally to surround one’s self with like and supportive minds
Before _ after _ lose _ it _ nIgeria _ Nigerian _ sucess _ review _ pictures _ meal _ plan

 How much weight have you lost

So far I have lost 20kg (44lbs) and still counting!

Ready to be a success story ? Join LIN and see what you can achieve before the year is over!

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Frequently asked questions about buying the plan outside Nigeria:

  • Can I pay with a credit card? yes, simply click the dollar “Join Now” button below and select pay with credit or debit button (grey button) toward the bottom of the page

Frequently asked questions about buying the plan in Nigeria:

  • Can I pay for my weightloss plan via internet transfer ? Yes. Simply email us your name after paying, we will confirm with our bank and send your book.
  • Do I need to pay thorough a teller? Both teller and online transfer work
  • Where do I pay to : Ronke Shakirat Adeyemi – GTBank – 011-5188-520 then email  [email protected] stating your transfer name once transfer is complete

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