Olayinka has lost over 30 pounds on the Lose it Nigerian Meal Plan

Hello nation! How have you been? This year has been very interesting for me hen. I will not lie, being an entrepreneur is something I have always wanted to do and I am happy to be well on my way with the Lose It Nigerian Brand and a few other projects :-] . But mehn.. ko easy rara. I hope that soon I won’t have to combine running the blog and the business while working full time. You people should pray for me please, write my name in your prayer book now, biko.. I really really need it.

Lose It Nigerian is changing lives! Like literally changing lives of people on the program. I have people who had changed medical diagnostics because they committed to LIN for 4 weeks. Wives who bought the book and used it for their husbands with incredible result. One of my favorite instagram people put the book in motion for her husband who lost over 29 pounds.

There are lots of success stories from thousands of people losing weight on a Nigerian diet , eating what they love and keeping the weight off. Instead of sharing one or two and forgetting about it, I decided to share their stories in the hopes of inspiring others to commit and change their own lives. The series is titled “People Losing It Nigerian” , get ready to see some very incredible transformations.

Weightloss is not rocket science, it follows a very basic law of nature  “energy in, energy out”. Nigerian food based diet can be healthy or unhealthy just like any other diet in the world, It’s all in the approach.

The first story in the series is Olayinka’s. Olayinka was one of the very first people to buy Lose It Nigerian  when it came out a few months ago so it’s only fair that she gets the first feature.

We asked her a few questions about her journey and experience. Read and be inspired that you can do it too!


Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Olayinka; I reside in Canada, BC.

Did you always struggle with your weight or is it a result of a life event

I had always struggled with my weight (Hereditary), I had used different type of products in the past to lose and regulate my weight, they work but once I stop I gain double of the weight.

How long have you been on this journey and how much weight have you lost

I started the journey officially in February when we had the first LIN challenge; I have lost 30lbs in total.

What types of diets did you try in the past? How did you find them?

I tried the pills and clean9 among others, worked for a while but once I stopped I went back double my size.

How would you say your diet needs are different as a Nigerian?

As a Nigerian, I grew up eating soups, swallow, lots of spices etc, it is so boring when I am limited to eating strictly salads all because I want to lose weight. I tried it couple of times but eventually I got tired and I went right back to my Nigerian food.

Do you think it’s possible to lose weight on a Nigerian diet?

I thought I couldn’t lose weight on Nigerian food because of the stigma attached to it, lots of carbs and oil. But since I came across the LIN BOOK my perception changed! It is possible to lose weight on Nigeria food diet! I have lost 30lbs-eating Nigerian

What has been your experience eating LIN?

Awesome experience, the information in the book helped me understand how food works for weight loss, daily calories consumption, and the support is also amazing. This is the lightest have been in years.

What is the one advice you have for anyone on the weight loss journey?

  • Be Disciplined
  • Be Dedicated
  • Be Consistent

Are you ready to start your own weight loss journey?

What have you  been doing to prepare?

Today, not tomorrow or the day after, take a small step today for a better you!

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