Kuli Kuli


To me, Kuli Kuli is sacred; it’s not something I would ever attempt to make in my own kitchen. I am fortunate enough to have direct access to Kuli Kuli as I need it (Thanks MUM!!!). If you are adventurous enough to attempt kuli kuli in your kitchen, here is a video by the lovely Ms Yetti of Afro Food TV.


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  1. Hahaha. The last time I had Kuli-Kuli was probably late last year or earlier this year. It was good though, with some cold garri. Haha :) I always thought it was made from beans not peanut butter…? Hmm

    I actually enjoy Ms. Yetti’s videos on YouTube! :)

  2. I bought some peanut flour from amazon uk recently to make peanut butter. I will definately be trying this, i have no potash but will try with baking soda

  3. Queen Amina was a NIGERIAN queen, not a NORTH AFRICAN princess. Zaria, Nigeria, is located in West Africa, how could the queen be from North Africa??? It’s a shame when you can’t even get your facts right!!!

  4. Okay ive seen the video to make kuli kuli. Im obviously not nigerian but I need this to make Suya. I have been in nigeria when I was younger. I love “Suya” and have tried to make it over the years but have not come close. I substituted peanut butter for kuli kuli, I had good results but I know its not close to how the hausa’s made them.
    I have questions:
    1. Do I have to add water too to dust with the meat?
    2. I pressume I need dry hot pepper – Does it matter what type of pepper?
    3. Is ginger needed to make kuli kuli or do I just add it when dusting the meat?