Eja dudu; Open fire dried catfish.

            Eja is the Yoruba word for Fish while dudu is the yoruba word for Black. Translated literally, eja dudu means Black fish, this is in reference to the color of the fish.  Dried Fish is a common ingredient for making Nigerian soups/ West African Soups,  however regional preferences prevail when it comes to fish type.  Eja Dudu is often made with African catfish.

         Eja dudu is a common ingredient amongst the yorubas, it is most often used in soups, unbeknownst to many, the fish is also perfect for making stews. Pepper sauce made with Eja Dudu and Efinrin (African Blue Basil) goes  perfectly with white rice.

Cooking Method: To clean the fish, soak in some warm water and salt over 10-20mins.  Remove the fish from the water, discard the water, rinse the fish with some cold water.

Ogbono soup with Eja Dudu

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