Ukwa  with Peppered Salmon
Growing up, as an Igbo girl Ukwa was a staple in my house. Well mostly the fried one that you snack on. I remember whenever anyone came from the East to visit; it was ukwa and bread we always got.
Over the years, learning from my mom and aunts, I have put my own spin in the way I cook it. I love Onugbu! (bitterleaf), I love the taste that bitterleaf gives.
        Ukwa (Breadfriut)
        Palm oil
        Seasoning Cube (Maggi, knorr ; your preference)
        Dried fish
        Peppered Salmon
        Onugbu (Bitter leaf) –  (optional)
        Oka (Corn) –(optional)

        Wash the ukwa to remove any residual chaff or sand. Add water, put on low heat and cook until very soft (a mash-like consistency). Keep adding water
        For the Salmon, sprinkle salt and black pepper put in the oven at 350 C for 45-60mins, until well cooked.
        When soft, still on low heat, add the ground pepper, crayfish and onion mixture. Bring to boil, cover and let it simmer for a about  10 mins
        Add the bitterleaf, do not stir, cooked for an additional 5mins. Add the corn and then palm oil, cover and simmer.
        Food is ready!!! Enjoy

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