Nkwobi by Betty Braimah
Cow Leg delicay
 Nkwobi is very popular in the Eastern part of Nigeria, among the Igbos. The dish is prepared with cow-leg .
Cow leg (cut to small/medium pieces)
Ehuru/efuru (A seed native to Nigeria 4-5)
Bitter leaf
pepper-soup Spice
Fresh or Dry Pepper
Salt to taste.‎​
  • Add some salt to the cow leg and boil over medium heat until tender
  • While the cow leg is boiling, grind your crayfish, efuru, and fresh pepper. Set aside. (A)
  • Depending on the quantity of your meat, dissolve some potash/akanwu (about two spoons) in four spoons of water. If it’s difficult to dissolve, blend.
  • ‎Pour your Potash/akaun mixture into a large bowl, add in your blended crayfish, pepper and ehuru (A). Combine.
  • Take your bottle of palm oil and pour it slowly into the mixture until you have a fine paste. Then add your salt, maggi,  and pepper-soup spices to the paste.
  • Remove the parboiled meat from water, add the meat to the paste and combine. Sprinkle on your bitter leaf and add in some chopped onions.
  • Your ukwobi is ready to serve.
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