I do not have a favorite food, but RnB is definitely one of my favorite things to eat, I love it when the rice is cooked in the beans, it tastes quiet differently than when the rice and beans are cooked separately. I usually don’t care for my rice to be al dente, a little mushiness makes it very comforting, that is just my personal preference though.

2 cups Beans
1 cup rice
Salt to taste


  • Set a large pot on high heat, add in 5 cups of water and bring the water to a boil. Reduce the heat to mins, add in the beans. Cover and leave to cook for 2hrs30min.
  • Add in another cup of water to the beans, add the salt and the rice.Stir. Increase the heat to below medium, cover and leave to cook for another 45min or until the water is dried out

Your Rice and Beans is ready, serve with any sauce of choice.
Ps:I like my rice and beans with fried pepper sauce and blended crayfish. Yummylicious. lol.
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