Fruity Coleslaw

Fruity Coleslaw with Prawns

This is a much healthier alternative to the classic Nigerian salad, it’s equally as delicious and doesn’t require a lot of time to make.

4 cups thinly cut cabbage
2 cups thinly sliced […] is two – Thank you from all of us

Hello Everyone!! This is an appreciation post; I will like to thank every single one of you guys for supporting this vision and journey. Words can’t explain how much gratitude I have for our […]

Boli and Epa Reimagined

Re-imagined Boli and Epa
One of the most popular street foods in Nigeria has to be Boli and Epa, you can find the sellers at every street corner at all times of day. I bought […]

ThanksGiving in Nigeria

Nigerian Thanksgiving Recipe
I honestly didn’t know thanksgiving was a thing in Nigeria until two years ago when Linda Ikeji posted pictures of numerous stars at their thanksgiving table. Even though I still do not […]

Plantain Shell / Calabash

when I uploaded this Asun post, I had lots of inquiries about how the plantain shells were made…. I guess the plantain stole thunder from the Asun itself. Unfortunately I live in a part […]

Fresh Plantain Fufu

Fresh Plantain Fufu with Abak Atama
I was very excited when Fadekemi hit me up on twitter with a fresh plantain fufu recipe; it’s something that never crossed my mind prior. I set out to […]