Nigerian Stew

I have a confession, don’t take it personal (in the voice of D’bang)  – I seldom  cook stew. I could go 3-4 months without cooking a pot of Nigerian stew. My husband and I are really into small batch sauces, […]

Roasted No Boil Base for Nigerian Stew

This is my simple no boil method for Nigerian Tomato stew. The Original recipe for the 9jafoodie style stew is here.
 The Sauce : Ingredients

4-6 Large Tomatoes
3 Red Bell Peppers (Tatashe)
3 Green Bell Peppers
1 Large Onion
1-4 Scotch Bonnet peppers (Ata-rodo)

The Sauce […]

On Nigerian Food and Weight Loss – Belly Fat Loss

Hello 9jafoodie nation, I hope 2015 has been kind to you. I am starting off the year with something I do not usually do; it’s a very personal post about my weight loss journey. Healthy eating and weight loss on […]

Puff Puff Sticks – Healthy Puff-Puff Recipe

I have a confession, I am one of those people that squeeze out the oil in puff puff; I usually cannot bring myself to consume all that oil. So I thought, how can I make puff puff fitfam approved and […]

5 ‘Small Chops’ Recipes for Christmas

We love christmas season for various reasons, one of those reasons being the food! I remember being around so much food as a kid during christmas. A full house; family, friends, friends of friends and relatives all under the same […]

Order Nigerian Food Ingredients in the US


If you’ve been on 9jafoodie for a while, chances are you’ve seen some recipes you’d love to cook (hello Gizzard Suya Flatbread Pizza). But often it’s difficult to get the necessary Nigerian ingredients. The store is too far away, they […]