Indomie Stir – Fry

You all already know that I have an undying love for indomie noodies. Here is a simple “fancy” indomie recipe to add to your arsenal

1 packet indomie noodles
1 cup raw shrimp (cleaned)
1 tablespoon cooking oil
Vegetables of Choice  – Chopped- 1 […]

Gizzard Suya Flatbread Pizza

This one is for my fitfam folks, a great healthy way to eat “pizza” without extra calories and guilt that comes with it.  This can serve as a quick lunch or supper.


8-10 pieces chicken Gizzard (boiled & thinly sliced)
1 tablespoon […]

Savory Plantain Pancakes

This is a lunch or dinner version of our breakfast plantain pancake. It's quick, delicious and a healthy way to make use of overripe plantains.

#JollofGate – The Jamie Oliver Jollof Saga – A West African Food Blogger’s Opinion

Jamie Oliver cooked Jollof Rice and the West African internet community reacted in a way that shocked the world. For those who do not know; Jollof is a religion, it's a dish so sacred it should have a national holiday.I am a proud devotee of Jollofnation, so much so that I take offense when people try to tell me I eat too much Jollof. It is not surprising that everyone expected me to have a similar reaction to that of the thousands of people talking about this issue, I am sorry to disappoint everyone but I am of a different viewpoint and here is why:

Easy Peanut Chicken

Hello Foodie Fam! quick shout out to the tons of people that tried our last recipe and sent us pictures, I am sorry we weren’t able to share all of them on instagram.  This is a great chicken recipe that […]

Pan Fried Akara

The recipe was inspired by Sunday morning pancake runs in my house. It’s classic Akara without all the oil that comes with deep frying, the taste is amazingly the same as the deep fried version.