We made the shortest Efo-Riro video recipe ever!
Its less than 2 minutes! Click for video!
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5 Unconventional Things Eaten in Nigeria

'Unconventional' is a matter of perception as you are all aware. One man's normal is another man's weird. Many will not consider the things on this unconventional but I'm sure the majority of you will. Here we go!
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Homemade Fura Da Nono

Fura de nunu as we fondly (incorrectly if I might add)  called it was one of the drinks I  always looks forward to having when I was younger, we would wait around for the vendors to come by with their […]

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Ogbono Soup – Boiling Method

This is a recipe I have had several requests for. Ogbono (Wild Mango seed) soup is typically prepared using the frying method, you can chekout our traditional ogbono soup recipe here and the video recipe here. The reason for the […]

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Introducing Avila UK Food Ordering Service

Ofada Stew – Avila UK
Who Is Avila?
The UK’s cultural diversity, which is most apparent in the food industry, reinforces the need for fast and flexible access to intercontinental groceries. Avila fulfills this demand as the leading […]

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Stuffed Yam Pockets

Stuffed Yam Pockets

How yummy does this sound guys, cornedbeef stuffed yam pockets. It’s so so delicious. You already know I have a thing for local ingredients like yam, there is so much than can be done. […]

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Spaghetti and Meatballs

This is another simple and straightforward recipe for the 9jafoodie 30-minute meal series. Spaghetti and meatballs is a classic Italian combination that is pleasing to kids and adults alike. I made use of ground turkey in my version, feel free […]