• 9jafoodie Christmas 2015

A 9jafoodie Christmas – 2015 Menu

Christmas is a time for get together and celebrations. It was one of my absolute favorite seasons when I was a kid. People were just more willing to give. I remember the multi colored googles, the long snake like balloons [...]

  • Okro - oogbono - african - wild - mango - healthy - soup - nigeria

Oil Free Okro – Ogbono Soup

Oil-free Ogbono I know I know, I am back to my oil free ways. I sincerely think the amount of oil used in Nigerian cooking is way too much. The average adult is supposed to consume around 2 [...]

  • ewedu - soup - amala - buka - stew - abula

Ewedu Elegusi – Yoruba Soup

Amala with Ewedu & Buka stew As the honorary kwara child that I am, I am ashamed that it took me this long to put this recipe up. This is something that was a huge part of my [...]

  • Boiled Ofada : Brown Rice

How to Cook Brown or Ofada Rice Perfectly

Boiled Brown/Ofada Rice Ho brown rice, the less attractive but very necessary and healthy sister. We know you will never be white, we know we will never truly enjoy you the same way, but alas we eat you [...]

  • Multi tone eba suprise

Yoruba style Plain okra

https://instagram.com/p/2Wjl5BQPVg/   Like where do I even begin my apologies for this one. Loads of you requested a recipe when I first posted it on Instagram last year (covers face). Even when I posted the picture on facebook, the recipe [...]

  • Eggplant - potato - skillet - egg - recipe - garden - thai

Potato and Garden Egg Skillet

Mehn! I make a habit of not posting two recipes / week, i never want to overwhelm my audience. I decided to make an exception this week because I couldn't wait one more day to share this amazingness with you [...]

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