This is a revisited post; more like an addendum for Nigerian Buns Recipe  featured a few months back. The recipe hasn’t changed, I just thought to add a few photos and some tips.

Buns Ingredients

Buns Ingredients

Below is what your batter should look like:

Buns Batter

Buns batter

Nigerian Buns

What it should look like being fried

Fried Buns

Still being fried

And here is the end Product

Buns: Final Product

Nigerian Buns

  • I tend to “fork” my buns while I fry it; meaning when the buns starts to turn brown, I insert a fork in it and open it up a little, this creates a temporary crack in the buns and allows the inside to cook faster.
  • I also find that the more rugged the buns looks, the tastier and crumblier it is.

Good Luck. If you try this Nigerian Buns Recipe, please let us know how it turns out.

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