Goatmeat PepperSoup

Pepper soup is simply meat in a spiced broth, the peculiar taste comes from the spice mix. pepper soup is commonly made with goat meat or catfish. Making pepper soup is extremely easily, as far as you have the pre-mixed spice blend.


  • 3 teaspoons Pepper soup spice mix
  • 2 tea =spoons dry blended hot chilli
  • Goat meat ( 10 small pieces)(cleaned)
  • 3 cubes Maggi
  • salt to taste
  • small onion, small ginger and garlic (peeled, not cut)


  • Set a medium size pot on medium heat, add in the washed goat,1 cup water, 2 cubes maggi, some salt, onion, ginger and garlic. change the heat to below medium, cover the pot and leave the meat to cook for 1:30mins (or until very tender). Remove the ginger and garlic pieces.
  • Add another 4 cups water to the pre-cooked meat, add in the pepper soup spice, chilli powder, left over maggi cube. combine. taste and adjust for salt. cover and simmer for another 25-30mins.

Your pepper soup is ready to serve.

To make your own pepper soup mix you will need equal portions of : allspice seed, anise pepper, anise seeds, cloves, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, dried ginger, fennel seeds, tamarind pulp and ground pepper. (blend)

This post is dedicated to Honeydame. Thanks for the recipe request!

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