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Thank you for the amazing work you have done to create “the Nigerian version of weight-watchers”. I remember stalking your blog for recipes, so it was a pleasure to participate in the use of your book “Lose It Nigerian” over a-4-week period. I started the journey the first week of January 2016 and my life has not remain the same. With the plan you have created and an hour long daily exercise, I have lost a total of 8lbs and gained a lifelong-healthy-Nigerian eating habit.

The most awesome thing about this book is the ability to count the calories that most commonly eaten Nigerian dishes contain. For example, knowing that 1 cup of poundo yam will earn me 854 calories was just an info someone needed to tell me. So, if my daily calorie-consumption allowance is 1240 and just 1 cup of poundo yam is 854 calories, how much calories does the egusi soup contain and is this the only meal of the day? As a die-hard Ondo girl who believes that pounded yam and egusi is luxurious, finding the formula to solve the calories consumption formula of this meal is very vital to me. Wow, Ronke you are a life saver. Now I know the substitutes that I can eat that are also very yummy and have less calories content. In addition, I know how to make my egusi in a healthy manner (oil-less egusi).

Furthermore, the recipes in this book are extremely easy to cook and the daily-eating calendar makes it easy to plan my meals without troubles. You may wonder if this won’t be boring, but I promise you that it won’t be. Ronke created healthy snack recipes as well and through this book, I have learned to make several snacks such as banana bread, baked chinchin and home-made granola bars. This snacks kept me going on those days when I felt like I needed treats. In addition, there are hunger-curbing recipes such as spiked water and this was the saving grace on days that I just felt so hungry. Drinking spiked water just put the hunger under control.
Apart from the information available in this book, being able to get back to the gym and loose my hard-to-knock-off belly fat is something I am thankful for. The motivation from the Facebook page you created is something that most community don’t offer. This community kept me going regarding motivation to get back to the gym and sharing their struggles and successes in a fun and never-judging atmosphere is priceless.

For every Nigerian trying to lose weight in a fun way, I sure will recommend Ronke’s book and don’t be shy to join the Facebook page for motivation. It’s okay to fail yourself sometime in this journey but remember to get right back up and kick the weight to the curb with “Lose it Nigerian”.
This is now a lifestyle for me and I am way more informed than I was before I tried this book. High five to a wonderful career in nutrition and I am sure you will go a long way in this game.

Adeola Olubamiji
WOW!!! I’ve downloaded my copy…Having reviewed it, let’s just say I’m giving you a standing ovation. It’s very well done — I love the clean & beautiful design; it’s well organized; your ability to present this in a way that appeals to Nigerians (that’s a gift!) without sacrificing on quality. Most of all, I know the ridiculous amount of work it takes to produce something like this. You pulled it off beautifully … ?
Nnenna Makanjuola, Radiant Health Magazine
I was able to download! OMG this is incredible, the format, style, information, layout, you’ve done fantastic. Its so funny I just switched to oats fufu 🙂 I’m so excited can’t wait to build my meal plan and try out stuff, this is really what I have been waiting for, GOOD JOB! and this it only the beginning…
Bolanle (Bolakrafts), Beaubelle
Just received my ebook! I’m such a big fan of having recipes on the go especially as a meal planner. I love that you’ve been able to simplify Nigerian meals with their calorie information! The pictures are well laid and makes you want to eat from your device!
This is beyond awesome and I have to duff my hat for you!

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