Four Contestants Get The Boot Over Chicken

The flames are getting hotter on Nigeria’s premier cooking reality show, as Knorr Taste Quest Season four moves into the elimination stages.  Four contestants are out of the show already, as episode 4 saw the sixteen hopefuls proving their culinary skills to judges, Chef Fregz and Dr Robert.

What happened, you ask? Well, believe it or not, it was all about the chicken.

The contestants’ task on Saturday was to prep a chicken, they had to ‘debone’ the chicken, stuff it with pepper and onions, season with Knorr chicken, tie it up with string, or use the net.

Apparently, however, preparing the perfect chicken is not as simple as just sprinkling on a little pepper and salt, as contestants Blessing, Vanessa, Debbie and Anwuli discovered. Despite all the help from Knorr’s seasoning cubes, their kitchen-craft did not quite make the cut.

See pictures below for how it all went down

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So who gets the chop next and who will be crowned Nigeria’s Seasoned One?

Stay tuned and find out on;


AIT Network Sun 5pm – 6pm
Africa magic Family Sat 7pm – 8pm
WAP TV Sun 8pm – 9pm
Rave TV Sun 8pm – 9pm
NTA Network Sun 6pm – 7pm
Silverbird TV Sat 8pm – 9pm
TVC Sat 8pm – 9pm
ONTV Sun 7pm – 8pm
Delta TV Warri (DBS) Sat 7pm – 8pm
Broad Corp. Oyo State TV(BCOS TV) Sat 12pm – 1pm
Anambra B’asting Serv TV(ABS TV) Sat 3pm – 4pm
Crossriver State Broad.corp.(CRBC) Sun 5pm – 6pm
Rivers State TV(RSTV) Sat 12pm – 1pm


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