Oil Essentials

In my Opinion, These oils ( + Groundnut oil) are essential in every African Kitchen
Palm Oil ( For soups), Canola Oil ( For Frying), Olive oil ( for Stew and sauces) and Corn oil ( Sauteing and Stir Fry)

Ogbono / Ogbonon/ African wild Mango Soup

Ogbono refers to the seed of the African wild mango.(known amongst the Yoruba’s as ORO), although the mango with  which the seed comes is edible, they are usually harvested only for their nuts, Which are valued for their fat- […]

Pepper Mixture for Nigerian Stew (Ata)


4 red bell peppers (tatashe) *
2 scotch Bonnet pepper ( ata rodo)
6 large tomatoes
1 medium size onion

* Remove the seeds from the peppers if you prefer to*

Chop all ingredients listed  above and combine them in a blender.

Puree to a […]

How to Peel beans for AKARA Or Moin Moin

Peeling beans can be very tasking, my tested and recommended method is old school hand peeling. I hope to try the food processor method the next time I peel some beans.

I will advice that you peel lots of beans […]

Eja Dudu

Eja dudu; Open fire dried catfish.
            Eja is the Yoruba word for Fish while dudu is the yoruba word for Black. Translated literally, eja dudu means Black fish, this is in reference to the color of the fish.  […]

Ogbono (Myth and methods); Proper way to prepare Ogbono soup

How to make Ogbono draw