Asian style Idomie with blanched spinach and spiced boiled egg
When I lived in the dorm in my 1st/2nd year of Uni, I had a couple of Asian friends. the way they cooked their noodles inspired this creation.
Fresh spinach leaves (as much or little as you want)
1 packet indomie noodles
1 egg (boiled)
A pinch each of (Basil, oregano, sage,thyme and rosemary) or use premade Italian seasoning mix if you have some
  • Half the boiled egg, sprinkle the spices on it and set in the fridge
  • Place 1.5cups water on heat, set to boil. once the water starts to boil add in the indomie spice that come with the noodles. Add the spinach into the boiling liquid, blanch for 1min. Remove the spinach and set aside
  • Now add the noodles to the boiling broth, cook the indomie as instructed on the packet( you don’t want the indomie to be dry, some broth left over is good)
  • Serve your noodle with the spinach, eggs and any other cooked protein of your choice (in my case duck drumstick) 


How do you cook your indomie? e-mail me a picture and I will post it on the page 🙂