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Akara and Ogi

Nigerian Ogi Recipe

I had a strong craving for real pap some days back, the real stuff not the powdered stuff. I called my mum up and she explained how to make Ogi (Pap) from scratch, I didn’t get to consume the ogi until 6 days later but it was well worth it. The good thing about ogi is that it will last up to 8 weeks refrigerated.


3 cups Corn ( I used white corn)


Soak the Corn in a large bowl for up to 2 days, changing the water every 12 hours.

Thoroughly wash the corn with some cold water. In a blender, blend the corn until extremely smooth.

Using a sieve or cheese cloth, run the pureed corn  through with lots of  water. (this process separates the chaff). Discard the resulting chaff.

Leave the sieved corn to rest for 1 hour, the  solid part ( the ogi/pap) will settle at the bottom . Pour out some of the excess water  (you still want to leave a reasonable amount of water covering on the pap) and leave the ogi to rest for 2 more days ( for tartness). Changing the water every 12 hours.

The pap is ready when it looks as pictured above. Enjoy!

Ogi is traditionally served with Moi Moi or Akara