Hausa Recipe Month!

Hello folks, I hope 2012 has been great to everyone thus far.  Let me start off by saying a BIG thank you to every single person that voted for us on the Nigerian Blog Awards, we won as a fan favorite and also as judge’s choice; It is a great honor and we are extremely thankful to every single one of our followers, contributors, critics and fans. Thank You!!!!

To wrap up 2012 in grand style, the 9jafoodie team has declared December as Hausa food month; we hope to bring you some of our favorite Hausa recipes.

Looking at food culture in Nigeria, the Northern people have contributed richly to our national food identity. They have contributed meals like; Tuwo(tuo), Kuli-Kuli, Masa, Suya, Yagi, Kunun, Fura de Nunu, Kilishi, tsere, waina to name a few. In its best days, Northern Nigeria was an agricultural hub, this factor plus colonization and religious preferences have had a great influence on northern cuisine.

We are looking for contributions from far and wide; we greatly encourage everyone to contribute in any form within their capacity. Please submit Recipes, pictures or suggestions to [email protected]



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