Hard chicken/ old chicken

For My Nigerian folks abroad, if you ever have a craving for Nigerian style chicken,  the muscular free range stuff that you have to work hard to chow/chew. Here are some quick tips

Nigerian style chicken is sold in ethnic stores (Indian, Asian, and South American) and specialty meat stores with the tag: “Hard Chicken” or “Old chicken”. They are often sold Whole and frozen, you will have to defrost and cut them.

Cooking Tips:

  • Nigerian style chicken takes longer to cook, so give the chicken a quick boil prior to use
  • We can all agree that Naija style chicken is better fried, but if you are health conscious, try oven frying, you will use about 90% less oil and the chicken will come out crispy.
  • The chicken pictured below was boiled  in some water and spices; I then added some oil and suya spice and oven fried the chicken


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