Spaghetti and meat sauce

I do not have a favorite dish but this is pretty easy to prepare and being on campus, this is a quick meal to cook and refrigerate. Instead of having pizza or having some fast food for lunch I prepare this instead and I am also trying my best to be healthy. So here you go

  • Whole wheat spaghetti
  • lean ground beef
  • canned tomatoes sauce
  • olive oil
  •  onions
  •  yellow and red bell pepper
  •  cabbage
  • ginger
  • pepper
  •  salt and seasoning to taste.
-I boil water in a pot and add salt with a little bit of olive oil to prevent the spaghetti for sticking together.
-While the spaghetti boils, I add blended dried pepper, crushed ginger, salt and seasoning cubes to the beef.
-I love adding vegetables to most of my dishes, so I slice the vegetables (cabbage, bell peppers and onions) and fry with a little amount of olive oil. When the vegetables are slightly cooked I add the already cooked spaghetti (just like preparing fried rice). I add salt to taste and keep aside.
-For the meat sauce, I allow the oil to get hot and add chopped onions. I let it cook a bit and add dried pepper and add the already spiced ground beef to cook for a while. By doing this, the beef stock comes up and adds more taste to the beef.
-After the beef has been cooked, I add the canned tomatoes sauce and allow it to simmer for a bit. I add seasoning cubes and extra pepper to make it extra spicy and that is it!
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