I am certain I have mentioned several times that I am a “Federal girl”, I went to a federal girl’s college in Nigeria and I graduated in 2003. My high school experience is one I cherish a whole lot and I would do it again, yes!! Punishment, slavery and all.

In my school, we were allowed provisions and more often in my suitcase I had; garri, sardines, salt, and chilli amongst other things. We were very creative in those days, we made eba from cold water, we cooked indomie in cold water, we made sauces from oil and geisha, we made cake from garri, milk and sugar and most importantly, we made FESHELU.

Feshelu is a combination of garri, chilli pepper, sardine oil (Titus preferably), salt and sardine fish.

Some weeks back, I had a serious nostalgic feeling and I decided to eat feshelu for supper. Feshelu is a concoction of Garri, sardines, salt and chilli powder. I don’t expect that anyone would actually try this recipe, but I will share it anyway.


1/2 cup dried garri

1 table spoons of water

A pinch of salt

1 tin Titus sardine

Chilli powder


In large bowl, combine the garri, 1 table spoons of water and about 1 table spoon of sardines’ oil. Mix until the garri is soft and fluffy.  Break a couple of sardines into the garri mix, finish with salt and pepper.


For those who went to boarding school, what concoctions did you come up with? PLEASE SHARE…

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