Guys, this episode taught me so many things! One of which is Miyan Kuka is a soup made from leaves from Kuka leaves which are also baobab leaves. It’s also called Lura Soup in the North where Delicious Naija went for their new episode. It was nice to watch Bunmi enjoy a different culture, we’re living vicariously through her.


Me too, I had never heard of Brabisco before so I was as excited as Bunmi to learn about this local Hausa dish. Cous-Cous is used instead of millet or corn, Hajara says; so Cous-Cous lovers, get in here! My favourite part of the episode was when Bunmi and Hajara Sanni Lawal (this woman has so much going on – wife, mum, Civil Servant and teacher) went to the market – now I know to go for the tinier carrots when buying, apparently their juicier! And to go for green peppers that are heavier and bruise-less.

All in all, it was a learning journey for me – this episode. I can’t wait to try my hands on making Brabisco. You should watch the Delicious Naija episodes… Check their YouTube page for the episodes. If you do get around to making Brabisco, share with me!


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