Nigerian Food and Nigerian Food Recipes

Nigerian food can be described as "flavourfully Spicy".  The typical Nigerian dish has a  flavor profile containing Salt, Chilli Pepper, Bouillon cube and other herbs and spices. Due to international influence in [...]

Kaun / Akaun (Cooking Potash)

Kaun / Akaun Nigerian Cooking Potash Why use Kaun/ Potash in Nigerian food Akaun is added to soups, legumes, meat and sauces usually for three reasons: to increase Viscosity in soups [...]

Ewedu Soup (from Frozen Jute)

How to prepare Ewedu using frozen Jute Leave.  Ingredients 1- 8oz pack Frozen Jute leaf 3 cups water Salt to taste Direction Defrost the jute leaf and roughly chop the leaves In a [...]


A common ingredient in Nigerian Soups, Crayfish powder is made from dried blended "Crayfish" ( belonging to the lobster family) .Crayfish might sometime be used to reference dried blended prawns.


KuliKuli is made from ground peanut. It is 99% peanut and 1% spices. KuliKuli is common in Northern Nigeria and serves as a perfect pairing for cold garri. It comes in different shapes [...]

Ogbono / Ogbonon/ African wild Mango Soup

Ogbono refers to the seed of the African wild mango.(known amongst the Yoruba’s as ORO), although the mango with  which the seed comes is edible, they are usually harvested only for their nuts, [...]

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