Coconut Curry Quinoa – By Dichi

Quinoa, a “wonder-grain” has gained popularity over the years especially among people seeking weight-loss, and looking for alternatives to grains with a very high carbohydrate to protein ratio, such as rice.

Stir Fry Masa – An Appetiser

I made masa using this easy recipe. I baked mine in a cupcake maker  instead of frying which made life even easier and resulted in a lot of masa. I love masa with honey, plain and [...]

Nigerian Sushi

I love Asian food and have recreated many of their dishes, but I have never really been a big fan of Sushi. My husband on the other hand loves sushi and he is [...]

Okazi Soup by Coyintrovert

Ingredients: Blended/Pounded okazi - 1/2 cup Assorted meat (Cow leg, dried meat, snail) Stock fish Dried fish Water - 4cups Blended crayfish - 1/4 cup Ofor(yellow) - 1 tablespoon Eguisi - 1.5 tablespoon [...]

Pate Acha by Lavido

Ingredients 1 cup acha Bones Spinach Yakwa leaves (optional) 4 garden eggs (egg plant) 3 large tomatoes 1 large onion bulb(sliced) 2 cakes of locust bean (dadawa) 1 cup matured ground nuts 3 [...]

Potato Porridge (Pottage) By CoyIntrovert

Nigerian Yam Pottage INGREDIENTS 4 "white" potatoes• 1/2 a fresh tomato 1 small red bell pepper 1/4 cup of grounded crayfish 5 large fresh prawns Bouillon (maggi) cubes Onions Beef Spinach Vegetable/Canola/Olive oil [...]

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