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Nigeria born, African food blogger with relentless love for African cuisines. The ultimate dream is to make African food as modern mainstream as possible, while maintaining the traditional originality that make it so diverse
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Catfish Stew

This is my ridiculously easy one pot catfish stew, it’s my go to when I want a quick sauce for boiled yam, okra or rice. I shared the picture on instagram in December and I just realized I never shared […]

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Grilled Croaker Fish

Grilled  Fish – BBQ / Oven Method
I wanted to prepare something special for my Husband’s birthday this year ( January folks :D ) but I didn’t plan ahead. So into the freezer I went (to actually get some chicken) but […]

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Baked Spicy Chicken

You people already know that I have a thing for chicken, I eat so much of it that variety is a absolute necessity. Some of the fan favorite recipes in the past have been Chicken Paprika, coconut chicken and chicken […]

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Powered Up Akara

The lovely Nma of Nigerian Lazy Chef sent me a picture of her akara crepes and I really loved it. She inspired me to step up my akara game. Thanks Nma!

Akara Pancakes happened for me as an accidental discovery about […]

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Sauced Roast Turkey

I should really call this the “Ore Turkey”, this is my friend Ore’s original recipe which she passed on to me 7 years ago and I have loved it ever since. I am passing on this deliciousness to the 9jafoodie […]

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Baked Nigerian Buns – Whole Wheat

This is a great healthy alternative to deep fried Nigerian buns. it’s filling, delicious and great as a healthy snack or breakfast biscuit. They taste amazingly delicious, very much like a cross between cookies, scones and fried buns.

white wholewheat flour […]