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Coconut Fried Bulgur Wheat

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We raved all about the health benefits of bulgur wheat in this Bulgur jollof recipe we shared a while back. Bulgur is a lower calorie alternative to rice. it can also be enjoyed as a breakfast cereal.

This fried “rice” like […]

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Zobo (Hibiscus) Granita

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Eku heat wave oh.. lol. I love the Yoruba culture, there is greeting for everything that you can possibly think of. It’s crazy hot in most parts of the world, all thanks to global warming. I am constantly trying to […]

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Okro Gravy

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You have to love the power of social media hen. A while ago, I posted a picture of rice and egusi soup and asked about other soup/rice combos out there, most people who responded said rice and okro soup. I […]

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Healthy Coconut Mango Ice-Cream

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Ever imagined what it would be like to chew on the clouds? well, today is your lucky day. This fitfam dessert is definitely what I imagine the fluff of the clouds will be like. Hooo… did I lose you at […]

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Moi Moi Recipe – Video

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Ultimate Nigerian Stir-Fry

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This started as a question in my household a few weeks back, my husband and I were talking about food (as usual) and I had jokingly asked what a “Nigerian” stir-fry would look like if we had stir-fry as a […]