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Powered Up Akara

The lovely Nma of Nigerian Lazy Chef sent me a picture of her akara crepes and I really loved it. She inspired me to step up my akara game. Thanks Nma!

Akara Pancakes happened for me as an accidental discovery about […]


Sauced Roast Turkey

I should really call this the “Ore Turkey”, this is my friend Ore’s original recipe which she passed on to me 7 years ago and I have loved it ever since. I am passing on this deliciousness to the 9jafoodie […]


Baked Nigerian Buns – Whole Wheat

This is a great healthy alternative to deep fried Nigerian buns. it’s filling, delicious and great as a healthy snack or breakfast biscuit. They taste amazingly delicious, very much like a cross between cookies, scones and fried buns.

white wholewheat flour […]


Wholewheat Nigerian Meat pie

Healthy Nigerian Meatpie Recipe
I am sure you have noticed that I always present wholewheat version of popular Nigerian snacks, small chops and baked goods as healthier alternatives. Even though most “small chops” are typically unhealthy, they can be enjoyed in […]


Breakfast Bulgur Wheat

I am still on the bulgur train, I honestly love the stuff. Loads of people have tried the Bulgur Jollof recipe we shared weeks back and they all loved it. It’s the perfect replacement for rice and a lot of […]


Nigerian Isiewu

Editor’s Note : This is a Nigerian Valentine Menu Special recipe contributed by the lovely Nma of the Nigerian food blog Exquisitely Golden. Do try out the recipe and check out her blog for amazingly inspired Nigerian recipes.
Nigerian valentine special […]