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MoiMoi with Unpeeled Beans

Truth be told, the first time I tried moimoi with unpeeled beans  I was still in primary school, my aunty had visited us and made some. I will say it was extremely obvious the beans wasn’t peeled as the texture […]

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Breakfast Yam Casserole

Here is a great idea for your next brunch, a fancy looking yam dish that is sure to please your guests. It’s a new twist on a beloved classic recipe, yam and eggs. This is somewhat similar to the to-go […]

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Chicken Curry Sauce

Hello 9jafoodie Nation, I hope the year has been kind to everyone. 2014 was great year for the 9jafoodie brand and we are forever thankful for your continuous support. 2015 is poised to be a greater year and we cannot […]

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Chicken Suya Veggie Bowl

Healthy Nigerian Recipe – Chicken Suya Veggie Bowl
Who doesn’t love some suya? Here is a way to enjoy suya as a complete meal instead of a snack. I have upped the vegetable content to make it a full fresh meal. […]

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Nigerian Stew

I have a confession, don’t take it personal (in the voice of D’bang)  – I seldom  cook stew. I could go 3-4 months without cooking a pot of Nigerian stew. My husband and I are really into small batch sauces, […]

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Roasted No Boil Base for Nigerian Stew

This is my simple no boil method for Nigerian Tomato stew. The Original recipe for the 9jafoodie style stew is here.
 The Sauce : Ingredients

4-6 Large Tomatoes
3 Red Bell Peppers (Tatashe)
3 Green Bell Peppers
1 Large Onion
1-4 Scotch Bonnet peppers (Ata-rodo)

The Sauce […]

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