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  • Pan Fried rice

How to Cook Brown or Ofada Rice Perfectly

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Ho brown rice, the less attractive but very necessary and healthy sister. We know you will never be white, we know we will never truly enjoy you the same way, but alas we eat you anyway because you are better […]

  • Multi tone eba suprise

Yoruba style Plain okra

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Like where do I even begin my apologies for this one. Loads of you requested a recipe when I first posted it on Instagram last year (covers face). Even when I posted the picture on facebook, the recipe requests didn’t […]

  • Eggplant - potato - skillet - egg - recipe - garden - thai

Potato and Garden Egg Skillet

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Mehn! I make a habit of not posting two recipes / week, i never want to overwhelm my audience. I decided to make an exception this week because I couldn’t wait one more day to share this amazingness with you […]

  • Jollof _ coconut _rice_Nigeria _west_africa_food

Coconut Jollof Rice

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This is one of those recipes that I debated sharing for a long time; why you ask – well, my husband loves this stuff, there has never been a time when I cooked this and he ate just one bowl. […]

  • boiled - cooked - meat - Nigerian - stew - soup - seasoning

How to Choose and Prep Meat for Nigerian cooking

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Some recipes you thought you would never see right? who doesn’t know how to boil meat you might ask yourself. Well, the truth is most people actually have issues boiling flavorful meat. It’s one request I get every so often […]

  • thanksgiving - Nigeria - turkey - recipe

Suya Spiced Whole Turkey – My Nigerian Thanksgiving

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Hello Nation! Happy Turkey day to those celebrating. I decided to participate in thanksgiving festivities this year and I made a whole turkey for the second time ever. I honestly had no intentions of sharing the recipe initially, but through […]