Ofe Onugbu (Bitter leaf soup)

Assorted meat (Your choice) (precooked)
Snails(optional) (precooked)
stock fish and smoked fish
¼ cup grounded crayfish
A pinch dried chili
½ cup bitter leaves (fresh or dried)
1/2  cup cocoyam boiled and pounded
¼ cup palm oil
Maggi and salt to taste


  • Combine the meat, fish , snail and smoked fish in a pot. Add 2 cups of water. Set on medium heat
  • Add the maggi, salt , chilli and crayfish. Simmer for 15mins.
  • Add in the pounded cocoyam. stir until the pounded yam is well integrated.Cook for another 3 mins. add some more water at this point if you will like your soup to be lighter. 

(If using dried bitter leaves, soak it in some hot water to tenderize the leaves )

  • Add in the bitter leaves to the cooking pot of meat. Cover for another 5 mins.
  • Add in the palm oil, taste and adjust for seasoning.Cook for about 3 mins .Remove from heat

Your soup is ready to serve, serve with your choice of pounded yam, fufu or Garri
Did you know: If you substitute the bitter leaves in this recipe with Ora leaves, you get “ora (oha) soup” and if you substitute in ukazi leaves you have “ofe owerri”, add in some Utazi + Uziza and locust beans and you have “uziza utazi soup” .
Have a great weekend everyone! Happy cooking :)