I spent a great part of my early childhood in Kwara and this was a staple. You could find it in any street corner , some people call it “Wara soya” others call it “Beske” or Tofu. This is a very healthy and tasty snack made from soy beans.

21/2 cups soybeans
1/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
Other ( Flour for breading, salt and pepper to taste, oil for frying)


  • Soak the soybeans overnight. Drain and grind in a blender ( add about 3 cups of water while grinding)
  • Strain soybeans through a cheese clothe or sieve (Ase… use the same stuff used for ogi)
  • Pour the sieved milk into a big sized Pot, Boil the soy-milk on medium heat for 45mins to 1hr, stirring frequently( be careful, the milk has a tendency to boil over)
  • Reduce the heat, add in lime juice (do not stir), tofu should start to form. turn off the heat, cover the pot, set aside for 1hr
  • line a straining pan (colander) with cheese cloth, place in a sink, pour the tofu in carefully, fold the cheesecloth over
  • place colander over a pot, place a plate on top, put a heavy object or a gallon of water on the plate.
  • leave for 4-5 hrs. Your tofu should be set and ready to serve.

**Tofu is ready for consumption at this point, you can season it with salt and pepper and serve** or process further;

  • Cut the tofu into desired sizes, season with some salt and black pepper, season your flour with some salt, coat the Tofu with the flour. place the oil on medium heat, fry Tofu until golden brown in hot oil.

Serve with a side of plum sauce or ketchup.