Fried Coco-yam with Jalapeno Fish Spread

Does anyone here like coco yam? how  do you like it prepared?. My grandpa had acres of cocoyam at the back of his house, both the Ghanaian variety and the little Nigerian variety so we got very creative with it growing up.Anyway, here is my take on a classic tuber :)

1 tuber coco yam ( peeled, washed, cut and salted)
oil for frying ( for a healthy spin, oven baked the yam instead)
The spread
1 medium size fish ( any kind, I used salmon Mackerel is divine)
2 medium size Jalapeno pepper or green Habanero (chopped)
1 small tin tomato puree
1 small onion (chopped)
salt and maggi to taste

Set a medium pot on medium heat, add in some oil.Once the oil is hot, fry the cocoyam until cooked and crispy. Dry the fried yam on paper towel
The spread
Cut and clean the fish, add about 1/2 cup water to a small pot. add in some maggi and salt, then set the fish in. boil for 7-10mins.
Remove the boiled fish from the water,set to cool. Seperate the fish from the bone
Place a satay pan over medium heat, add in 3Tspns of oil. Add in the onions, cook for 3-4mins.
Add in the tomatoe puree and 3 tspns of water, cover for 5mins. Add in some salt, curry and maggi to taste.
Add in the fish and the chopped Jalapeno, combine.
Serve the spread with Cocoyam, sweet potatoe or nomal white yam.

**PS: If you have a coco-yam recipe, please send it in, I will love to try it out!!