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Fried Jollof Couscous

Sometime this year, I wrote down a list of everything I could possiblely make for lunch that wasn’t rice. Why [...]

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Hello, I'm Ronke Edoho. Welcome to my food blog.
9jafoodie features Nigerian food recipes, health and cooking tips. I hope to inspire other home cooks like myself to make wonderful dishes. Explore, leave a comment if you have any question 🙂
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LG LAUNCHES NEO CHEF MICROWAVE OVEN INTO NIGERIAN MARKET Lagos, April 21, 2017 The kitchen becomes more interesting as LG [...]

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Breakfast Overnight Oats

For people looking for healthy fuss-free breakfast options this is my go-to. I typically prep on Sunday and keep in the fridge for grab & go breakfast throughout the week. This recipe makes 10 servings [...]

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