We made the shortest Efo-Riro video recipe ever!
Its less than 2 minutes! Click for video!
  • Moi moi with Unpelled Beans

14 Kitchen Fails Of 2014

Hello foodie fam, hope 2015 is treating you well. If you follow my work, you probably know that I love to experiment and innovate, I tell myself all the time that there can only be so many versions of Egusi […]

  • Best Nigerian Fried rice

The Perfect Nigerian Fried Rice

You are probably like 9jafoodie really? perfect? perfect is a strong word fah?! yes perfect! if there is one thing I can cook with both my eyes closed and one hand tied to the back, it is Nigerian Fried rice.  […]

  • oil-less - oil - free - efo - riro - Nigerian - soup

Oil Free Nigerian Soup – Efo (Vegetable)

I often get questions on how to make oil- free Nigerian soups. Honestly, It’s really as simple as just skipping the oil; there is no magic trick to it. One thing I always consider when preparing oil free soups is the purpose oil serve in the soup, let me explain. In the case of efo-riro for example, oil serves two purposes. It enhances the color of the prepared vegetable soup and it also adds to the taste. In the case of okro, egusi and ogbono soup, oil especially helps with color enhancement.
  • bulgur - wheat - recipe - chicken - shrimp - easy - healthy - nigerian - weight - loss - food

Coconut Fried Bulgur Wheat

We raved all about the health benefits of bulgur wheat in this Bulgur jollof recipe we shared a while back. Bulgur is a lower calorie alternative to rice. it can also be enjoyed as a breakfast cereal.

This fried “rice” like […]

  • Zobo (Hibiscus) - Granita - summer - shaved - ice - popsicle - Nigerian - slushy - zobo - hibiscus - jamaica copy

Zobo (Hibiscus) Granita

Eku heat wave oh.. lol. I love the Yoruba culture, there is greeting for everything that you can possibly think of. It’s crazy hot in most parts of the world, all thanks to global warming. I am constantly trying to […]

  • okro = okra - gravy - sauce - smoked - rice

Okro Gravy

You have to love the power of social media hen. A while ago, I posted a picture of rice and egusi soup and asked about other soup/rice combos out there, most people who responded said rice and okro soup. I […]